should i apply RN?
I am an new comer,45years old, with 27years of peadiatric and neonatal icu working experience in china. is it possible for me to start a RN caree in Canada? is it easy to get a RNjob? -jenny0456(jenny) 2015-11-8
都要有这边的RN lience 才能工作。先把所有的材料寄到CNO去评估,通过以后要补一些课,还要考英语。考试通过了拿到护士执照才能找工作。现在的工作非常难找,大部分新人只能做casual或part time,你想做回原先工作的可能性很小。很抱歉,不想打击你的梦想。只要努力,梦想也是可以实现的。祝好运! -want2win(想赢就赢) 2015-11-16
-jenny0456(jenny) 2015-12-2
It is easy to get peadiatric and NICU RN job in GTA once you get RN license. Do not give up if you think you can get RN license.
-0810lucy(0810lucy) 2015-12-4
-yhuamail(加飞猫) 2016-1-2
-jenny0456(jenny) 2016-1-28
english is the key. I do not think it is so hard to get a RN job in toronto. If you are not very confident with ur language,
try go to the Bridge program for the international RN. Once you start ur RN career here, get in touch with the ONA member in ur hospital. all ur previous experience can be transferred. which means u may be able start ur salary from the top! Go for it! do not give up! 26 years ? u blongs to this career! -yhuamail(加飞猫) 2016-1-1
Thank you for your attention,加飞猫。 I had read articals for years when I was in China.
You may never knon how much I was encouraged by you! It seems I had known you for years! I desperately hope I could have your information! I am so happy to know you are still there! -jenny0456(jenny) 2016-1-28
目前我需要参加IENCAP(internationally educated nurse competency assessment program ),怎么准备?非常希望得到大家的帮助。
-jenny0456(jenny) 2016-1-28
-yhuamail(加飞猫) 2016-2-25