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    What output is produced by compiling and running the following program? Note that the instance variable named x is declared private (as highlighted in boldface in the code).

    A. A compiler error
    B. A runtime error
    C. 15
    //File Q001_10.java
    class Q001_10{
    public static void main(
    String args[]){
    AClass ref1 = new AClass(5);
    AClass ref2 = new AClass(10);
    }//end main()
    }//end class definition

    class AClass{
    private int x;

    AClass(int x){//constructor
    this.x = x;
    }// end constructor

    int add(AClass ref){
    return x + ref.x;
    }//end add()

    }//end class AClass
    • Answering this questions needs one's discretion
      I strongly encourage new Java people try to answer FromZtoA's question. Of course, you had better post your reasoning. I will comment on the quiz problem in a few days.
    • Let me try it. Let me try it.
      A compiler error will be generated.

      In the method "add" in class "AClass", the variable "ref" refers to another object rather than the object who executes this method. Thus a call to "ref.x" is invalid, because x is a private member.

      I admit this program is quite tricky, and it's helpful for us new learner.

      Thanks peterlf.
      • Jabber's comments Jabber's comments
        The answer will be 15.

        This quiz tests our understanding of accessibilities for Java instance variables.

        "x" is private so we cannot directly access it
        by saying a.x in another class, where a is
        an instance name. In the example code,
        teh author used ref.x, but this piece of code is still in the definition of AClass. So the author DID NOT violate the accessibility of private variables. Hence, there won't be compiling-time error, let alone the run-time problem.

        In summary, private means one cannot access a variable from out of the class definition. Say again, in the example code,
        the auther used "a.x" syntax in the definition of the class AClass.

        Hope it helps
    • FromZto A, what's your opinion? I have posted my comments on your Quiz.
      • Thanks jabber. You got 100 in the quiz and Sailor got 0.
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